Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Gamification expands the loyalty toolbox

I spoke at Marketing Week Live last week on the "Future of Relationship Marketing". It's always great speaking about the future of something as in theory nobody can question you; by definition the future is yet to happen - so I could be right...

However, whilst the topic was on the future, in reality the future is already happening, we just aren't seeing much of it within mainstream loyalty programmes (yet).

As I've written about previously, the presentation was all about Interaction Loyalty and the impact that recognising every interaction - every check-in, status update or product review - has on loyalty programme design and specifically reward and recognition.

Given the requirement to recognise activities which don't always have a nice neat margin attached to them, we also now need some different tools in the box to support this - and this is where gamification thinking comes in. Through gamification we can exchange rewards with actual value for rewards with social value and link recognition not just with rewards but also with core motivation. However, what's interesting to note is that gamification is simply a set of tools within Interaction Loyalty - not a new definition of loyalty itself.

Embedded below are the slides I used, feel free to review and comment.